Sense of Community Focus Area


Desired Future

Rossland is a safe, inclusive and welcoming community with a high level of social cohesion amongst a diversity of ages, cultures and lifestyles. The level of volunteerism is high and most year-round residents are engaged in governance and community development initiatives. Arts and cultural expression thrive in Rossland and are supported by both residents and visitors. Rossland’s natural environment and its heritage create a sense of place and an authentic small town charm that is unique to the region. It is this uniqueness that fosters pride and community spirit that serves to retain residents and to attract new residents and visitors.

End-State Goals

End-state Goal 1: A diversity of people (ages, ethnicities, cultures, and lifestyles), visitors and non-permanent residents are welcomed and integrated into the community.

End-state Goal 2: Residents of all ages are engaged in the town’s arts and cultural activities and offerings, and actively participate in community groups and celebrations of community spirit.

End-state Goal 3: The authenticity and small town character and feel are maintained.

End-state Goal 4: Public amenities, including open spaces, schools, and facilities, are designed and operated in ways that provide residents of all ages with safe and convenient spaces for social, artistic and cultural expression and activity.

End-state Goal 5: A cross-section of historic buildings, monuments, and natural features are preserved in ways that maintain and promote Rossland’s heritage and unique ‘sense of place’.


What is New in Sense of Community?

There is no Task Force for Sense of Community, but as part of the State of Rossland project, a survey of residents' sense of community and what can be done to improve it will take place in January 2011.