Recreation and Leisure Focus Area


Desired Future

The town promotes and supports a healthy and active population and this is reinforced by a community that embraces a balance between work and play. Rossland is a unique destination for year-round outdoor alpine recreation. Residents and visitors of all ages and abilities engage in high quality, diverse recreational opportunities while respecting and protecting the surrounding natural environment. The conservation and sustainable use of green spaces and development and maintenance of an extensive network of multi-use trails connects both people and the community with nature. Accessible, well-maintained playing fields and indoor recreation facilities complement the range of outdoor experiences. The community hosts a number of arts and culture events.

End-State Goals

End-state Goal 1: A healthy and active population is engaged in year-round recreation and leisure.

End-state Goal 2: A world-class network of designated, connected, accessible, and well-maintained trails exists throughout the community.

End-state Goal 3: Publicly accessible green spaces are well-distributed within the community, and allow residents and visitors of all ages to interact with nature and to experience the splendour of the mountain environment in different seasons.

End-state Goal 4: Red Mountain Resort, Redstone Alpine Golf Resort and other developments, provide opportunities for people to live, work, and play.

End-state Goal 5: Indoor and outdoor recreation and leisure facilities are located within the community, are well-maintained, family-friendly, and meet the needs of residents and visitors alike.


What is New in Recreation and Leisure?

There is no active Task Force for this Focus Area at this time. The City is actively working to develop a City-wide trail system and preserve a wide variety of green spaces.  Three new trails were developed in 2009/2010 - the Centre Star Gulch Trail, the Museum Trail and the Trail Creek Trail.  The City also aquired funding to replace the roof on the Rossland Arena in 2009.

Red Mountain Resort and Redstone Alpine Golf Resort remain active and key components of the Rossland lifestyle.