Community Fruit Gleaning Sept 15, 2018


Join the Rossland Sustainability Commission and Rossland Real Food to pick fruit from trees located on public land.

Help us pick all the fruit trees on Rossland's public land SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2018. To participate meet at 10:00 am at Ecole de Sept Sommets to divide-up neighbourhoods and then head out with your ladders & boxes to pick fruit.  Bring your own ladders, boxes, and picking pails or bags.  A belt looped through a pail or cloth bag makes picking more efficient!  

Turn your fruit gleanings into juice or cider!  We will press the fruit we glean immediately after the gleaning.  Pressing will take place at the Doell homestead (Wagon Road near the Chinese Gardens).  Remember to bring some containers for taking home your cider.  A big pot or clean plastic beverage bottles work well!  For long term storage,  cider should be frozen or canned.


If you have fruit to press, community fruit pressing will take place Sept 29 and Oct 1.  Store your fruit in a cool place and then watch for announcements about how to book your pressing time.   

More info?   Check out the Facebook event page here and sign up to glean!  Or contact Ann at adamude@telus(dot)net  or Jenna at jfoxdesigns1(at)gmail(dot)com