April 5th Green Drinks

Put Tuesday, April 5th, 7:00pm at the Rock Cut Pub down on your calendar!

In two weeks we will be having an exciting evening discussing global population. There will be three panellists to discuss this important topic.

1.      Jack Elpert from the Stanford Knowledge Integration Lab to discuss his views on the underestimation of the overpopulation problem. Jack has been to Rossland before to discuss this issue, ‘the elephant in the room,’ and will be expanding on some of the ideas presented previously. (details below)

2.      George Penfold the Regional Innovation Chair for Rural Economic Development at Selkirk College to discuss the realities of the aging population provincially and nationally and the underestimation of the impacts of this issue.

3.      Aaron Cosbey an Associate at the International Institute for Sustainable Development and Senior Climate Change and Trade Advisor (and local Rossland resident) to discuss global consumption, ‘the other elephant in the room,’ and it’s impacts on society and the environment today.

As you can see, three very interesting topics to learn about and discuss at the next Green Drinks.            

Spread the word and see you there!

*If you’d like to walk over to the event at the Rock Cut, a group will be meeting at the Centennial Trailhead at 6:20pm to walk over. If not, consider car-pooling with a friend!*

Underestimating Overpopulation
Jack Alpert PhD.
Director SKIL (Stanford Knowledge Integration Lab.)

You are invited to the "third Rossland SKIL Talk," on underestimating the overpopulation problem and  overestimating the power of our actions to address it. (details below)

In last year's talk  The Nonlinearity of the Elephant Problem, I focused on the dynamics of our system as it responds to overpopulation. I suggested our control over future conditions was much like sharing a room with a sleeping elephant. As the room fills to capacity, people bump into him, he awakens, rolls over, and crushes many.

This year's talk is about how we are underestimating the size of that Elephant. No matter how big and terrifying and destructive our view of overpopulation, we are still grasping only a small fraction of the coming injury. (6 minute preview video)

My challenge is to describe this magnitude so we can put into perspective our proposals to address it. We might be talking and acting like fools, or blind men, or both.

This event is brought to you by the Rossland Sustainability Commission.