Land Management Focus Area


Desired Future

The town is centred on a compact and vibrant downtown core, connected by trails and green corridors to development at the base of Red Mountain, Redstone Alpine Golf Resort and to new developments. A diverse range of residential and tourist accommodation exists that satisfy the needs of residents and visitors. Buildings and infrastructure are designed and restored in ways that use resources responsibly, and that compliment the natural environment, heritage and overall aesthetic of the town. The downtown core is thriving and the restored heritage character attracts visitors to Rossland.

End-state Goals

End-state Goal 1: The built environment is designed to make efficient use of land resources and limit sprawling development.

End-state Goal 2: The community contains a wide diversity of housing types, shops, services and employment opportunities, and is as complete a community as possible for a city of its size.

End-state Goal 3: The built environment is integrated with the natural features.

End-state Goal 4: Commercial developments, including resort-related enterprises and new industry, are located and operated in ways that are compatible with the community’s social fabric, high quality of life, and environment.

End-state Goal 5: A vibrant downtown remains the commercial, cultural, and social focal point of the community.

End-state Goal 6: Development is undertaken in ways that enhance both the economy and the environment.


What is New in Land Management?

The City Planning Department continues to work on the new Zoning Bylaw and the Columbia Avenue and Washington St. Design and Infrastructure project that will address many of the Land Management End-state goals including maintaining a vibrant downtown core and promoting a diversity of housing types. 

Watch the City website for new and exciting announcements regarding Land Management initiatives