Intergenerational Care and Learning Focus Area

Desired Future

Rossland’s affordable and multi-faceted education system provides a diversity of programs and opportunities and an essential foundation for cultural and social activities. Local education facilities continue to provide access to affordable, high quality K-12 education and the development of basic life skills. Residents and local organizations work together to provide support and care for children, seniors and other populations with special needs. Community activities and programs encourage intergenerational interaction and enhance well being, while Rossland’s built environment and institutional structures encourage lifelong learning for every member of society.

End-State Goals

End-state Goal 1: Organizations and residents work together to meet the health and social needs of community members, especially children, the elderly and people with special needs.

End-state Goal 2: Residents of all ages have access to learning opportunities outside of the public education system, such as early learning opportunities, basic life-skills development, literacy training, and lifelong learning opportunities.

End-state Goal 3: A high-quality kindergarten through post-secondary system exists within Rossland and offers a diversity of programs that meet the community’s needs and expectations.

End-state Goal 4: Schools, public spaces and community facilities are accessible, welcoming, and well-utilized by residents and visitors of all ages and abilities


What is New in Intergenerational Care and Learning?

There is no Intergenerational Care and Learning Task Force, but the Neighbourhoods of Learning Committee of the City of Rossland and the Visions for a Small School Society is working hard to maintain educational options in Rossland.  See the Visions for a Small School Society Website at: