Housing and Affordability Focus Area


Desired Future

Rossland has a sufficient supply of safe, healthy, diverse and affordable housing and accommodation to meet the needs of permanent residents of all income levels. Housing affordability is enhanced through efficient use of energy and resources and by designing buildings that can be adapted over time to accommodate different uses, changes in technology, and demographics. Employment opportunities close to home provide job satisfaction and adequate incomes for sustainable livelihoods. Residents have access to affordable food products, learning opportunities, and arts, culture, and recreation programs.

End-State Goals

End-state Goal 1: All permanent residents and seasonal employees have access to healthy, livable, and affordable housing and accommodation.

End-state Goal 2: A variety of accommodation types, tenures, and sizes ensures that residents and visitors of all ages and incomes have a diversity of market and non-market housing choice.

End-state Goal 3: Housing is designed and located to minimize long-term operating costs and infrastructure investments.

End-state Goal 4: Property taxes for residents and businesses are competitive with those of other municipalities of similar size.


What is New in Housing and Affordability?

This Focus Area has a Housing and Affordability Task Force that has been active in promoting a regional housing needs assessment.