Governance Focus Area

Desired Future

Governance in Rossland is democratic, responsive, accountable, transparent and actively engages stakeholders and residents in collaborative decision-making processes. Planning and decision-making align with the community’s values and sustainability objectives. Rossland participates in local and regional government networks that exchange knowledge and resources and collaborate to meet shared objectives through efficient regional governance.

End-State Goals

End-state Goal 1: The governance processes are democratic, progressive, and efficient and decision-makers meaningfully engage stakeholders through a broad range of alternatives in transparent decision-making processes on all major civic initiatives.   

End-state Goal 2: Decision-making occurs within the larger context and framework of the community’s Strategic Sustainability Plan, with consideration given to community values, long-term consequences, and anticipated changes to regional and global conditions.

End-state Goal 3: Participation and collaboration with neighbouring communities is part of an effective regional system of governance geared towards meeting and supporting shared objectives.

End-state Goal 4: Civic buildings and community facilities provide spaces conducive to enjoyable and creative community discussion and citizen interaction.


What is New in Governance?

There is currently no Governance Task Force.  However the State of Rossland project Community Survey will ask many important questions regarding residents' views on Rossland's Governance and provide suggestions with regard to how it coudl be improved.