Economic Development Task Force (2014-15)

Economic Development Task Force Members (2016)

  • Tara Howse (Chair)
  • Deanne Stevens
  • Shelley Ackerman
  • Jim Firstbrook
  • Bob Reardon

Accomplishments in 2010

The Economic Development Task Force completed its study of Nomadic Entrepreneurs and submitted it to Council. Read about its findings as well as recommendations to the City cialis générique with regard to how we can attract more Nomads and help link existing entrepreneurs with local business people to explore potential synergies. Thanks to all the Nomadic Entrepreneurs who volunteered their time to participate in the study.

The final version of the report and the appendix can be downloaded here:

Nomadic Entrepreneurs Report | Nomadic Entrepreneurs Report Appendix A


Accomplishments in 2009

Study of Nomadic Entrepreneurs

In 2009, the Economic Development Task Force commenced a study of Nomadic Entrepreneurs in Rossland.

Nomadic Entrepreneurs are people who choose to live in Rossland whose economic activity is not geographically associated to Rossland. Examples include consultants, small businesses and employees who all work for distant clients or organizations.

Nomadic entrepreneurs bring revenue to Rossland from outside the community. They have often come for lifestyle reasons and provide greater economic diversity and resilience to our community. The EDTF wanted study these people to learn why they came to Rossland, what services they depend on and what the municipality can do to attract more nomadic entrepreneurs.

Key steps taken in 2009 included:

  • A press release was distributed calling for the participation of nomadic entrepreneurs in the study;
  • Approximately 40 nomadic entrepreneurs were identified and added to a database;
  • Interviews were conducted with 28 nomadic entrepreneurs;
  • Preliminary data analysis was undertaken, draft recommendations were discussed a draft report prepared; and 
  • Meetings were undertaken with the Chamber of Commerce to discuss some of the key findings and possible recommendations to determine synergies.

Key Regional Economic Development Networking

The Economic Development Task Force also spearheaded the City of Rossland's reconnection with the Lower Columbia Community Development Team after a several year absence to foster greater City participation in regional economic development initiatives.