Community Economic Development Focus Area


Desired Future

Rossland’s traditional natural resource economy has become increasingly value-added and exists alongside a year-round tourism and knowledge-based sector. Through collaborative actions across the wider region, residents have the capacity to find or create work opportunities and incomes to support sustainable lifestyles. The community works together to support local businesses and to encourage innovation, new businesses, and an entrepreneurial spirit. A diverse, resilient, and vibrant economic base is supported by state-of-the art information and communication technology (ICT) systems. ICT enables a significant number of residents to work from home or to expand their business through virtual networks. Sustainable business practices ensure the continued liveability of the region and contribute to the long-term survival and profitability of the business sector.

End-state Goals

End-state Goal 1: A diverse and balanced economic base provides quality employment and sustainable wages for residents.

End-state Goal 2: A year-round tourism economy exists alongside a broad range of value-added industries.

End-state Goal 3: World-class information and communications technology allows Rossland to attract, retain, and support an elite group of entrepreneurs and professionals who work remotely.  

End-state Goal 4: Growth and renewal is generated by local trades, supporting a stable and skilled workforce.

End-state Goal 5: Sustainable businesses, of appropriate size and type, locate in Rossland where they contribute to a strong local economy. 

End-state Goal 6: The community’s traditional entrepreneurial spirit, and innovative educational and training programs generate ongoing employment opportunities for youth and new residents.  

End-state Goal 7: Heritage, arts and culture are pillar industries that provide stable and diverse revenue sources.

End-state Goal 8: The City works with businesses to support access to local products.


What is New in Community Economic Development?

This Focus Area has an active Economic Development Task Force.  The EDTF produced conducted a study of Nomadic Entrepreneurs in 2009/2010.