2017 Energy Crawl

Rossland Energy Crawl

A self-guided tour of residential & vehicle energy conservation technologies

Saturday, October 21, 2017 from 12 - 4 pm

How does the Crawl work?

Just read the descriptions below, decide what homes interest you and then drop in at any of the Energy Crawl homes between 12- 4 pm on Sunday November 6th.     See the energy conservation renovation or alternate energy technology at work.   And  learn about the pros & cons directly from the homeowners. 

You can also download the Energy Crawl Map & Home Descriptions attached at the bottom of this page. 

FortisBC rebates may be available to help you do energy conservation renovations or install energy conserving appliances & heating systems in your home.  Drop by the Energy Crawl Headquarters at the Rossland Library and talk to our knowledgeable Sustainability Commission volunteers! 

Reducing your energy consumption and reducing your carbon footprint can go hand in hand.  Knowing how much energy you currently use and your carbon footprint will help you decide your best route to energy and carbon reduction. 

Calculate your Carbon Footprint - Complete the Carbon Footprint Calculator and tour the Solar Home.  BONUS - we'll also give you a free LED lightbulb.

Read these instructions first!   This is a US carbon calculator.  Use the Northport zipcode 99157. 

To calculate the carbon footprint of your household,  you need to gather the following information:

1)  Calculate how many KwH of electricty your household consumes in a year.  You can find this information on your utility bills.

2)  If you heat your home with natural gas,  enter the dollar amount of your average monthly gas bill.  You can find this inofrmation on your utility bill.  

If you don't heat with natural gas,  the calculator has measures for propane and other heating fuels.

3) For each of your vehicles, estimate how many kilometres driven in a year

4)  When the carbon footprint calculator prompts you for a zip code, enter 99157(Northport, Washington).   The calculator is US based and does not accept Canadian postal codes.

Ready to Calculate!  Click on this link https://www.terrapass.com/carbon-footprint-calculator  and complete the carbon calculator.

Finished!  Print your carbon footprint,  or write down your results.

Collect your Reward!   Bring your carbon footprint results to The Rossland Public Library or to Redtop Barbershop during the Energy Crawl and we'll give you a free LED lightbulb courtesy of Fortis BC.  Show your carbon footprint results at the door at Jeff Herr's Solar Home and get a guided tour! 


Rossland Energy Crawl Headquarters, Homes & Electric Vehicle Show

1. Energy Crawl Headquarters and Electric Vehicle Show – Rossland Public Library

Drop by Energy Crawl Headquarters and pick up an Energy Crawl map.   Are you planning on visit the solar home?   Then you need to complete the carbon footprint calculator and bring it with you to the solar home.  Find the calculator and instructions on the Sustainability Commission website http://visionstoaction.ca/2017-energy-crawl.   Or drop by the Library Headquarters and our helpful volunteers will help you calculate and print your carbon footprint calculation.

Electric Vehicle Show

Visit the Energy Crawl Headquarters at the Rossland Library and check out the electric vehicles including a Tesla S, Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan Leaf.  The vehicle owners will be on hand to show you their vehicle and talk about their ownership experience.   Get some advance info here http://kootenayevfamily.ca/


2. Passive Solar Straw Bale home of Ann Quarterman & Keith Robine – 2340 McLeod (Upper Rossland)

Passive solar design and super-insulated straw bale walls make this home very energy efficient.  In the winter, the south facing greenhouse passively heats the home’s thermal mass.  In summer the deep roof overhangs shades the home and assists in cooling.   And you can see the straw bales that make up the 20 inch walls through a special “peek a boo” window.  Ann & Keith will be happy to answer your questions about building and living in a passive solar straw bale home.

3. Redtop Barbershop/Home of Kelly & Tennille St. John - 2167 Washington Street (Downtown)

This combined residence & business is heated by a Mitsubishi ductless heat pump system. Ductless heat pumps significantly reduce heating and cooling costs compared to more traditional heating systems. Older heat pump systems didn't work very well in colder temperatures but this model's hyper-heating technology has overcome that limitation and works effectively to -25 C. And it can be controlled by a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat or by a remote control! 


Are you planning on visiting the Solar Home?  You must complete and print your carbon footprint calculation and present it at the Solar Home.   Drop by Redtop Barbershop and our volunteers will help you complete and print your carbon footprint calculation.


4.  Solar Home of Jeff Herr & Melissa Ringer – 1691 Kootenay Ave (Lower Rossland)

To visit this home, you must complete and print your carbon footprint calculation and present it at the door.  Visit the Sustainability Commission website to complete the calculator at http://visionstoaction.ca/2017-energy-craw or drop by Redtop Barbershop or the Rossland Library to complete and print your carbon footprint calculation.

This compact family home was meticulously planned and constructed by homeowner Jeff Herr.  Truly a net-zero home, this home is packed with passive and active solar features including thermal mass concrete slabs, south-facing R5 High solar gain windows, drain water heat recovery,  a 3.9 kW grid-tied photo voltaic solar energy system and 64 square feet of flat panel thermal collectors that feed the in floor hydronic heating system.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!  Jeff will be on hand to answer your questions and share his experience as a solar installer and solar home owner.



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