V2A - Visions to Action

Visions to Action is a long-term collaborative initiative to move the community of Rossland towards sustainability.  It encompasses work being undertaken by the City of Rossland, volunteer Task Forces and community groups, and citizens themselves.  This site celebrates the successes of that initiative, and outlines the work yet to be undertaken.

Strategic Sustainability Plan (SSP)

In February 2007, the City of Rossland started work on a long-term sustainability strategy for the municipality. The initiative, called Visions to Action, was framed around engaging the community in a conversation about the desired future of Rossland and building awareness within the community and beyond of how we can plan for a better, more sustainable future.  Through the collaborative efforts of the city and a multitude of Rossland residents, a Strategic Sustainability Plan (SSP) was developed containing a Community Vision for 2030.

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Sustainability Commission and Task Forces

In 2009, Council appointed the citizen led Sustainability Commission to guide and assist the City in the implementation of the Strategic Sustainability Plan (SSP).  The Commission appointed four Task Forces, to address the first SSP Focus Areas prioritized by Council.  They include:

Economic Development

Water Stewardship

Housing and Affordability


In 2013,  the Innovative Education Task Force replaced the Water Stewardship Task Force as a priority initiative.   With the founding of the Lower Columbia Affordable Housing Society (LCAHS),  the Housing and Affordability Task Force was disbanded and Rossland appointed a representative to the LCAHS to liaise with Council and the Sustainability Commission.

Innovative Education  http://visionstoaction.ca/innovative-education

Lower Columbia Affordable Housing Society www.lccdts.com/who-we-are/attainable-housing-committee/

Visions to Action is a long term initiative intended to keep Rossland on the path to sustainability.  Since 2009 , the Sustainability Commission, Task Forces and City have been hard at work on a number of sustainability initiatives. This site documents the community's successes as we endeavour to implement our Strategic Sustainability Plan and achieve our Community Vision for 2030.

Our first measure of our progress to sustainability will take place in 2014.  Using 32 indicators designed to measure the end state goals in our Strategic Sustainability Plan, we will measure the 2014 State of Rossland and compare it to the 2010 baseline measures gathered for the 2010 State of Rossland Report. 

We hope you join us on Rossland's Path to Sustainability!


Please report any problems with this website to info@visionstoaction.ca.

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